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Hello and Servus!

I am Fred Vnoucek and glad to welcome you on my homepage. In order
to get to know the photographer, film-maker, expedition guide and travel
journalist, please start here......

The beginning
I was born in 1957 in a small town south of Vienna. My father, an enthusiastic
amateur photographer, supported my interest in photography very early and
allowed me to operate his Zeiss-bellows-camera. For nearly 10 years I used
this hand operated camera and my first 'safari destinations' were the Vienna Tiergarten
as well as a local safari park.

The profession
Since that time my interest in wild creatures and unexplored landscapes was in high gear.
Probably this is the reason why I chose the tourist branch for my professional career when finishing
grammar school. After 20 years of working for various travel organisations and sojourns in North America
and Germany I finally founded my own company in 1992. During the years numerous trips guided me to every
continent and all interesting places of this world.

The philosophy
Despite all technical devices of current times (digital photography, computer edited images etc.) I prefer the traditional way of
                      photography which is based on sound handicraft. "A really good picture has to tell a story and a faint smell of sweat and
                      work has to stick to it" is the personal philosophy. Against this background and in order to be flexible I learned diving and
                      horseback riding as well as comprehensive knowledge about wildlife.

                                       The photos
My photos and travel reports are offered worldwide in cooperation with acquainted photo-agencies and are open
                                       to the public in magazines, newspapers and internet. My travelling experience and know-how
                                          are subject of slide shows and lectures. I worked on reportages and commissional
                                            jobs on all continents and took part in shootings of film documentations in North
                                            and South America, Africa as well as Asia. My photos have been awarded at
                                                International photo contests. I guide photo expeditions throughout the
                                                 world and work as a consultant for travel companies in Europe and
                                               North America.

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