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Polar Bear Expedition to Churchill
Manitoba - Canada

Date: 1. - 10. November 2005
Tour Guide: Fred Vnoucek

An expedition to the Canadian Arctic on the tracks of the giant polar bears. In comparison to other journeys you will pass most of your time at the location where the bears are living: in the tundra. Accommodation will be provided from a mobile lodge directly located in the "bear country" (most of the trips to Churchill offer accommodation in a motel in town - at a more favourable price of course - which reduces the time available to watch polar bears as quite some time has to be spend for transfer to and from the bears instead of seeing polar bears in best day light)

Attracted by human odours the Lodge at Cape Churchill is surrounded by polar bears most of the time. Therefore it is possible to watch and photograph excellently polar bears from morning til evening.

In order to provide best possible conditions for taking photos and watching wildlife the buggys have enough space for people and equipment. Your Joe Far Tour Guide is well acquainted with the situation on site and will advise you especially in regard of camera equipment as well as photos and films.

A description of the Lodge and the surrounding area:
The Tundra Buggy Lodge is comprised of a number of specialized vehicles. When fully assembled on the tundra, the Lodge is almost one hundred meters long. Hitched together are two sleeper cars (housing 18 and 20 guests respectively), the lounge car, dining car, and two utility cars. Photographers are encouraged to utilize open decks between buggies as raised shooting platforms.

* 24-hour polar bear watching
* Absolutely best location for polar bear watching
* Full board in the camp
* Buggys for day trips
* Slide presentations and briefings in the evening

The guests can watch polar bears from viewing platforms of the lodge and the buggys. In the mornings and evenings buggy excursions are available. The whole itinerary is subject to weather conditions and will be arranged and organised daily from your tour guide.

Vienna - Toronto - Winnipeg - Churchill - Polar Bear Point - Churchill - Winnipeg - Vienna

* all scheduled flights in tourist class
* transfers in Canada
* full board, starting with dinner in Winnipeg on arrival day and ending with farewell dinner on day 8 of itinerary
* accommodation in Churchill in the Tundra Buggy Lodge. No private sanitary facilities, shared shower and toilet.
* tour through Churchill
* day trips with Tundra Buggy

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